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Samsung Wave Firmware

Polish firmware for the forgotten Samsung Wave GT-S8500 phone
Hosted here because most links on the internet are dead or paid

Don't use a virtual machine to flash the firmware, the USB connection is unstable and will not work (I've tried)
Bada 1.2
XEO region - no branding

Bada 2.0
XEO region - no branding

Flash with multiloader, not hosted here because i have no idea how many 2010 viruses are in there

Desert Chase

Random old builds of my game Desert Chase

Kiano Intelect 8 MS

Drivers for a shitty windows 8.1 tablet
Manufacturer never published these on their website for some reason (generic ones from the web don't have calibration data for the touch screen)

Windows 8.1 drivers

Don't bother installing Windows 10 on this thing, it's way too slow